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Dr. Brandy Frances Gibson is a former Marketing & Communications Executive in Corporate America. She's a former fashion model/designer, PR Fashion Agent & Consultant for 24 international fashion designers in the former International Center of Apparel Design in GreekTown, Detroit, MI that catered to celebrity clients.


She's the author of the successful book "The Uncommon Woman of Faith In The Marketplace" and Ms Marketplace Black Book For The Influential CEO." Her Public Relations firm provides strategic consulting and training for her clients in promoting brand management and business start-ups and event solutions.


She has educated over 6,000 individuals in business start-ups in Detroit, Michigan alone by assisting Detroit Entrepreneurial Institute (DEI) in their initial start-up process, curriculum development and retail operations. DEI received the Presidential Awards from U. S. President Bill Clinton for the best business start up training center in the nation.


Dr. Gibson trained numerous clients in Welfare to Work (W2W) project with Joy of Jesus, Inc which became the best W2W organization in Detroit, Michigan with job placements and business start-ups. She has provided training, consultations and business conferences in Jackson, MS, San Francisco, CA, Birmingham, Tuskegee, Livingston, Florence, Montgomery, Mobile, AL, as well as in Europe and Africa.


Her firm caters to clients in fashion to NFL, NBA, USFL and Israeli Football. She has been responsible for sending numerous NFL players, coaches and Pastors to Israel. Her celebrity clients represent Jesus Christ in their vocations and personal brand. She provides business and protocol training to youth and women globally with a dynamic year ahead to promote the Kingdom of God.


Dr. Madeline Manning Mims - Olympic Matriarch Of the 800m "A 53 Year Reign" - Birmingham, AL, Nov. 2022

Gold & Silver Medalist, Minister, Psalmist, Chaplain, Author


Dr. Gibson is the Founder and Editor of the Christian female magazine 7figure$. This dynamic bi-monthly Christian women's lifestyle magazine highlights seven women who share their God- inspired stories in the marketplace.

7figure$ attempts to challenge and motivate women to become high-income revenue generators going beyond 7figure$ for the Kingdom of God.  As Godly entrepreneurs, they're trained to be the solution to problems and pain in society.


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